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What’s In Longs Bag?

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Detective Longs is quite the creative and unique individual and he shows it even more when you take a deeper look into his life, or should I say his bag..

SU bag: As a detective, Longs either looks nice and crisp in his name brand attire, or he disguises himself as different things to be able to get the task or assignment done more easily. One of his common ones is a cheerleader because people don’t ever expect them to be up to no good…

Bag with money: As a detective, he gets paid for his duties, so he always has a substantial amount of money on him, just in case.

Hot glue gun: This is to represent a gun in the most creative way possible. Longs normally can be found using his hands in order to get what he wants, but sometimes it gets a little more violent and serious as his scars on his body do show, he has never used his gun and it is never loaded, but he uses it to give people the sense of fear and that he gets what he wants.

Papers: These papers are to represent his tasks or assignments given to him by those in charge of him. The locations of which he needs to go to are highlighted and the different colors determine the severity of the situation. The green post it on top of it represents those situations that are serious and need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Bag of chicken: As learned in the original biography of Longs, due to his heritage and where he is from, his absolute favorite food is chicken parm and since a man has to eat he carries it around in his bag for when he gets hungry. And I just so happened to have chicken parm in my dorm fridge..

Wipes: These are supposed to represent like clorox or a type of wipe to take away the evidence. If Longs steals something back for someone, harms someone or breaks in somewhere he does not what to get caught, so he carries these around in order to try to break down the evidence as much as possible because what kind of criminal wants to get caught for his wrongdoings?

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