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What’s In My Bag?

20150131_231412This assignment was to take a picture of the bag that you use everyday and explain the items that are in it. Since I do not carry a satchel, I chose my book bag because it is very essential to my everyday life. The main things that never leave this bag are laid out to the right of it. Number one is a back up notebook. With a hectic life you never know when you could leave your class stuff at home so I always carry a notebook just in case. The pen is a very obvious necessity, I use that pen whenever my mind goes blank and forgets one in the jeans I wore the previous day. The deodorant is always a go-to. There are many days a week that I go to class straight from practice so I cant run off my classmates with my smell of hard work. Next is the napkins, accidents of any kind happen all the time so I have to be prepared. The chapstick is a must! I’m very vulnerable to the harsh winds and cold air this time of the year so they have to stay moisturized. The pocket knife is strictly for opening things such as packages or what have you so don’t go getting any crazy ideas. I am a hat guy day or night so I have to have an extra hat at all times. You never know when the wind can blow your hat off but I come prepared.This bag of mine can go with my character because he lives a very busy life on the force.

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