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What’s in Shadow’s Bag?

What’s in your bag? -3pts

I emptied out Shadow’s bag and these are its contents.

Shadow's Bag

  • A Napsack (in his favorite color)- Shadow is a thief and so half the stuff in his bag isn’t his. He carries this sack to place all his stolen goodies in.
  • Shades- He always carries his shade to complete his outfit and aide his disguise. Shadow secretly thinks he is a bad ass with them on though he’s really not.
  • Gloves- Shadow always carries gloves because he never wants to leave evidence at the scene of a crime. He also believes they are stylish and fits is “image.”
  • Knife- He always carries a backup weapon around you never know when you will be in a sticky situation.
  • Stolen Money- Again, Shadow is a thief, this is the money from people he pick-pocketed today.
  • A Satchel- Shadow saw the gold chain from the purse and fell in love. He apparently robbed the purse from a rich, drunk lady. He said it was like stealing candy from and baby.
  • Candy- He said the metaphor caused him to crave candy.
  • Jewelry (a pearl necklace, a diamond necklace, gold earrings, and a gold bracelet)- He stole from his favorite jewelry store. He plans to sell them  later on once the heat settles down.

-Don’t worry I will return all the items this klepto stolen to their rightful owners. Except the candy, I am keeping that, sorry.

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