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What’s in your bag?


This visual assignment was must do assignment. So I looked around my room and found this pouch in my school backpack. I always carry this around with me. Let’s look at closely what I have in this flower pattern pouch.

First, I have a pen and a notebook. Just in case, I might need to write down something important like assignments that professors give out or due day.

Right next to notebook, you can see the yellow box. It’s band-aid. I get paper cut easily so I bring with me. Sometimes I see people who need it, so I just take it out from my pouch.

The pink object is toothbrush cap. I do not know why it’s in there but I think I put it in when I went on trip during winter break after the trip, I did not take it out from the pouch.

As you can see, rest of the objects are make-up things. Since it is winter, my lips dry up quickly. I put immediately on my lips so it does not dry out and see blood on it. As same reason, I bring handcream with me so I can put it on.

It was good time for me to take out some stuffs and clean my pouch. It was kind of heavy for me to carry, and now it’s lighter than before. :)

What’s in your bag?


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