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Writing Assignment: Alternate Ending of “A Wild Party”

Burr’s lifeless vessel on the floor,

Queenie saw blue, red lights reflecting on the window.

“They’re here! We need to leave now,” she cried

to Black, standing over the body.

They made their way towards the window,

seeing the roof below.

With only seconds to go,

Black pushed up the window and

had Queenie exit first with him close behind.

It was only a matter of time until the men in

blue burst through the door and noticed the body on the


Queenie and her beloved Black hid themselves behind a chimney-top,

the cool wind brisking their bare bodies.

He held her close, his heart coming to a warm roast.

But the roof was slicked with remnants of precipitation.

The distance from the roof to the ground,

oh, the anticipation!

Queenie moved her foot and inch and gravity began to

pull her down.

Black called her name as she rolled down the steep

hill of shingles.

The butterflies in her stomach began to tingle

as she saw Black becoming smaller with each roll

and she saw the ground coming closer below.

She screamed in fright and fell deep into the night


into her bed, into her warm, cushioned bed

with Burrs by her side,

no gapping hole in his chest

when she opened her eyes.

The night had not come.

It had not even begun.

A wild night awaited Queenie

and all she wanted was to

escape the future she could not outrun.

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