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Writing for Days: A Reflection

This week was very heavily reading and writing focused. I personally am the slowest reader in the world and am not used to creative writing at all. This week was a little more challenging in that regard. I did, however, enjoy the two readings I did. I read The Postman Always Rings Twice and The Killers. I enjoyed the Postman Always Rings Twice but it did become somewhat repetitive. The story felt like a constant cycle but I enjoyed Cain’s writing style.

I really enjoyed the Killers and chose to do my alternative ending writing assignment on this work. I was able to enjoy Hemmingway’s style in a way that I never did in high school which was really eye-opening. I did two other writing assignments the renegade teacher, for which I chose Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, and the short story with random words and animal(s) writing assignment where I focused on my character I created earlier this week, Isabelle Franklin.

I also did four, yes count them four daily creates. Some of the creates were more challenging this week but all in all I really enjoyed them. I chose to do the Camouflage Challenge, Cats. On Synthesizers. In Space., Collaging Your Day, and Create A Word Painting. The DailyCreates are definitely my favorite part of the class.

I’ve been working on building my participation. I’ve got all the social media pages bookmarked on Google Chrome as an easy reminder to go and check out what people have been doing. I definitely think this week I started off strong and then fell off some after having a marathon track meet on Friday (we left at 9:30am and didn’t get back until 3:00am Saturday morning).

I also revamped my domain and am pretty happy with how it looks! I added an About Me page as well. I’ve been working with the Plugins we were asked to install and so far so good. And with this post week 2 is done! 

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