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You’re Invited!! Design Assignment 3.5 Stars

Party, party and more party people! They eat a lot and enjoy family gatherings! George loves to “show” all he had and what he can afford for his family. Huge gatherings these are and if you don’t show – you have disrespected “the boss”! You must beware however, this time it’s a masquerade ball . . . is it your turn to go! You almost never know with this family!

Masquerade Ball

My thought process on this was that it creates an event that could ultimately cover up a murder. After all people have so much fun trying to figure out who is who at a masquerade ball one never knows who is there and who isn’t. All they have to do is remind you oh yeah I was dressed as a mafia guy you must not have recognized me. Instantly an alibi, as they say “yes, I remember seeing you now” but yet have no clue who they saw.

Using PowerPoint I turned a slide into a jpeg image. Picked and invitation format and then used only one slide to create the invite. Picture overlays, a little writing, and a few cut and paste pictures to set the atmosphere and there she was.

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