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Noir106 Tips & Tricks with Maggie Black: Week 2

A winter night at a university campus that knows how to use its digital tools, one DKC tutor is still trying to find the answers to Noir106’s persistent questions… Maggie Black.

I looked out my window today and thought “a storm’s brewing.” Regardless of what storms, meteorological or otherwise lie ahead, I knew that Noir106 needed my assistance. So I seated myself in front of a camera on the back porch on this cold night and talked a little bit about identity. It’s no mystery that identity is important and often hard to uncover, but at the end of the day, writing and website customization are great ways to tell the world a little more about yourself, whether real or fictional.

Hope this helps.

Remember, you have to study the pieces in order to understand the larger story.


Your friend,

Maggie (not Jack)

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