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Week 10: Finishing Video and “Changing Over”




Finish Your Video Work

Option 1

If you chose to not work in a group last week, your job is to complete 15 stars of video assignments this week, all of which should reflect your character in some way.

Option 2

If you’re working in a group, this is the week to complete your video episode. Be sure to blog your progress throughout the week (tag: videoshowprogress) and to share your final show in your weekly post.

One More Video Assignment: The Interview

We wish we could individually interview all of the noir106 characters this week, but there just isn’t world enough and time. Instead, we’ve recorded ourselves asking a series of questions. Your job is to mix these up with responses that reflect your character’s responses. You don’t have to use all of our questions, but your final interview must include at least seven of the questions. You can find our questions here. Blog this video and tag it characterinterview.

Changing Over

By the end of this week, you should have completed the final changeover to your character. What does that mean? From here on out you should only be using the voice and persona of your character. That means it’s time to put those new Twitter accounts to good use. All of your blog posts should also be in the voice of your character. If you ask us a question using your “real” name, we may pretend we don’t know you. Throughout this week, you should be leaving your old self behind and becoming your character more and more.

NOTE: Characters are expected to abide by the same UMW community standards and honor code as regular students. 🙂


Starting next week, we’ll be beginning the final unit of ds106. We don’t want to give too much away, but this unit will require you to work on a larger story arc each week (don’t worry, we’ll provide the guidelines for these). You can choose to do this work in a group (you get to self-organize) or to work individually. Be aware that whatever route you go, we’ll be expecting you to create an “agency” that will complete the week’s storytelling task. Next week, some of your work will be involved with setting up this agency’s presence on the Web. By the end of this week, you must decide if you’re working in a group or going solo. Blog your decision and tag it finalunitchoice.

Daily Creates

Three TDCs this week.


At least 10 comments as always — make them count.

Extra Credit Opportunity!!

On Monday, March 23rd at 9:00, we’ll be broadcasting a very special ds106radio episode. If you tune and tweet along as your character, you can earn extra credit. How much is up to your specific ds106 instructor.


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