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Week 8: Inspired, Radio Shows, and Inhabit Your Character

3/9/15 – 3/15/15

This week will be a bit of a hodge-podge of activities. We’ll be tuning in starting this week (and finishing next week) to each others’ radio shows at night on ds106 radio. We’ll be reviewing and sharing the work of others that has inspired us most, so far. And we’ll be delving even further into our characters. Make the most of your opportunities this week! 

Radio Show Listen-In

This week and next we will be playing your radio shows on in our regular 9PM time slot, Monday – Thursday. Here is the schedule:

  • Mon 3/9 
    House of Noir
    Noir We There Yet?
  • Tues 3/10 
    Noir D&D
  • Wed 3/11 
    Dead Silence
    The Steadfast Sleuths
  • Thur 3/12 
    NOIR not the father
  • Mon 3/16 
    Inside Talking
    The Tune Squad
  • Tues 3/17 
    Get a Clue
    Vixen’s Ventures
  • Wed 3/18 
    NOIR At Night
    Silk Road
  • Thur 3/19 
    Dinner Party at 6
    The Noir Buzz

You must l listen along to someone else’s radio show, comment on twitter and write a review post on your blog:

  • Be present and active on Twitter for at least one of the shows to share feedback real-time using the #noir106 hashtag.
  • Reflect on at least one radio show you listened to and were not a part of creating. Describe the experience of listening, the various sound elements employed, what parts worked, what parts didn’t, etc. Be thoughtful, critical, and most importantly respectful. Tag this “radiolisten” (no quotes).

We strongly encourage at least one member of each group to be present on Twitter during the broadcast of their show. If possible, we may even invite you to join us on air for a few minutes before or after your show (via Skype).


Add and write up the work of at least four other students in the class on the ds106 Inspire site (, and then blog about each work in a separate post detailing with how and why it inspired you. Tag these posts “inspire” (no quotes).

This is your chance to take some time going back through the work of your fellow students and sharing the work you find best. Take time to really browse through everyone’s sites and look for the best of the best.

Collaborative Character Media Assignments

Complete at least 10 stars of collaborative character assignments. You may choose any genre from the Assignment Bank (, however all of your work must not only have to do with your character but should intersect or respond to some other character in the class in some way. You will get extra points if you actually collaborate with another student to complete your character assignments.

We are in interested in really seeing you bring your characters to life by building their stories in interesting ways in response to other characters in your class. This week is a big first step in this direction.

Character Social Media

Create a Gmail and Twitter acount for your Noir106 character and start using it as a way to build out the narrative or your character. Email your character’s Gmail account to your professor. Start using the #ds106 and #noir106 hashtags with your character’s Twitter account so that we can find you.

NOTE: We didn’t mention this in the video this week — but you still need to do it!!


As with the last two weeks, comment on at least 10 other student’s blog posts, and share information about those comments in your weekly post.

Daily Creates

Complete at least 3 Daily Creates this week.

Featured Image: Character is what you are in the dark by Andreia on Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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